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Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying

mad_voki.JPGMark A. DeBenedictis

Adaptive Computer Specialist

ETTC Training Specialist

Assistive Technology Department

Bergen County Special Services School District

Bergen ETTC (Educational Technology Training Center)

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Harassment - Intimidation - Bullying

"HIBing ain't Kool!"

Mark DeBenedictis is a knowledgeable and very engaging presenter on one of the most prevalent topics today - Internet Safety and Cyber -Bullying.
Mark has been employed with Bergen County Special Services [[#|School]] District for the past 10 years in the Assistive Technology Department as an Adaptive Computer Specialist . He is also a presenter for the Bergen County Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC) which provides professional development to educators.

Mark has engaged more than 4,000 participants in this highly informative workshop for the past 6 years. No two workshops are exactly the same since there are so many updates and situations happening. He has presented to Parents, Students of all grade levels, Administrators and Educators, in both public and private schools and organizations.
Some of the topics included are: What and where are the dangers; How can I keep up with my teenagers and students; Understanding the “On-Line Lingo”; On-Line Predators; Social Networking and Bullying/Cyber-Bullying, and the Power of Words to name a few. The newest addition is "Texting and Sexting....What's NEXT-ing". Many current resources for parents and educators are made available.
~Let’s Keep Our Families and Students “Safe” on the World Wide Web~

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